Garden of Heathens (prod. by Mr. Nick)

by Luca Brazi

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Luca Brazi by way of Mr. Nick


[Verse 1]

I know the devil’s trying to get me killed.

He’s so clever.

It’s whatever because I love him still.

Josh told me only focus on whatever’s real then I remembered Lucifel was His kid as well.

And who am I to damn my brother?

You and I can't even speak because we're programmed

Other wise men come from all walks and all colors

From both sides of the background, good or gutter.

Look Under Common Appearances Because Reality Always Zones Inward.

From the center we branch out with our hands out

Taking whatever we can until the last stand closes down

Now it seems so real but view it from the ground and see how you feel

When you're as still as steel, body temperature zero

Covered in dirt, no sense of worth

From Earth we grow as seeds into to stalks

Stalks sprout into egos whose colors are better than all others

We boast

But how would we know when we've been green our whole lives?


Every existence in nature, every existence in the human world, every cultural work that we create is something was given or is being given to us relatively speaking. But as everything is originally one, we are in actuality giving OUT everything.

[Verse 2]

I'm part of a committee that won't hear the truth.

So busy trying to out pretty we forget our roots make up

Our entire make up

This I wouldn't make up

Take off all that make up and make up with who grew throughout

All the rain storms

Learning to love from the place where the pain's born

Will turn any daisy's faint yellow to blaze orange

As long as we remember to stay warm then we can't help but grow

But it ain't easy feeling like you're all alone.

But please believe me when I say that when I wrote this on this page

You were in my mind and I'm here with you so

We're together in this.

Whether the weather's timid for fixing to kill us.

And when we're too busy being pretty to feel the pain of our neighbors

In this fame over everything brain draining aimless game we're maintaining.

You can feed off the heat from the flame I've created in exchange for the same

From savior to savior.

We're all we've got during the reapers

Season to harvest his garden of heathens.


According to Christianity, every existence in nature is something which was created for or given to us by God. That is the perfect idea of giving. But if you think that God created man and that you are somehow separate from God, you are liable to think that you have the ability create separate.. something not given by "him". For instance we create airplanes and highways.. and when we repeat "I create", "I create", "I create", soon we forget who is actually the "I" which creates the various thing. We soon forget about God. This is the danger of human culture.


released December 16, 2011
Schitt Afano, Nick Mejia




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